Classes & Schedule

OG Run

RUN’s signature treadmill class. Whether you are a runner, walker, or hiker each interval is tailored to you. The entire 55 minute treadmill class is instructor-led and interval based. The coach will tell you each interval and how hard to push within the given time. With the use of Polar Heart Rate monitors, you will be able to see your work and spike in heart rate and as well as your rest. We like to say, “you will rest just as hard as you work”. You can expect to get anywhere from 3-5 miles no matter your capabilities, this class is for you.

Runstrong Lean

The most popular class. LEAN is half HIIT and half treadmill. The instructor-led workout is 55 minutes. With the use of sandbags, kettle bells, suspension trainers, and body weight, you will be put through a series of moves intermixed with treadmill intervals. This class is designed for a high calorie burn while gaining strength and getting your miles in.

Runstrong Burn

Our floor based HIIT class. This means there is little to no running involved in this class if the treadmill isn’t your thing. Much like the LEAN class, you can expect to use the same equipment (minus the treadmill) and still have a high calorie burn.  Using light to moderate weight, you will shoot for higher reps and reach a high heart rate. Remember, when you lift weights, you will continue to burn calories for the next 24 hours as your muscles begin to rebuild themselves.

Runstrong Power

Our strength training class. This program is a split body divided into a push and a pull day. With the use of heavier weights and less reps, you can expect to feel the burn in the isolated muscle group used that day.

Class Schedule